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What is Sofy?

Sofy is built from the ground-up to be a no-code test automation platform that uses AI powered testing to enable “create once and run anywhere” tests without writing a single line of code. Using our library of real devices, you can run manual, automated UI testing and exploratory tests, and ensure fidelity between your test and production environments. With the power of the AI testing tools, Sofy, you can feel confident about your team’s results – and ultimately release great products.

  • Access real devices
    from anywhere

  • No-code automation
    & robotic testing

  • Run manual
    and ad-hoc tests

  • Validate UI against
    industry standards

Who Uses Sofy?

See why companies like Microsoft, British Telecom, Forrester and many more are benefiting from using Sofy.

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Effortless Testing for QA Engineers

Finally, you can focus on what you do best: testing your app, and let Sofy, the mobile application testing tool, take care of setup, environment, device availability, and reporting. See your productivity go through the roof with like automatic test reports, easy ways to create issues, capture device logs, and scriptless automation that seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD.

  • • No-code mobile application automation testing frees you from constantly changing scripts
  • Test on real devices from anywhere without worrying about setup
  • Increase your productivity of manual and adhoc testing with automatic reports
  • Avoid finge fatigue with automated exploratory testing and UI validation
Sofy for Engineers

Testing with Intelligence and Insights

Get an instant bird’s eye view regarding the status of your release using Sofy’s powerful mobile and website application testing. Sofy gives you visibility into trends and helps you make actionable, data driven decisions based on quality metrics and test reports. Gain insights about your team’s productivity across both manual and automated testing.

With on-demand access to a vast device library, you save costs, and enable instant access to all the real devices your team needs – without worrying about device management and security. With no-code automation, no more agonizing over “to automate or not to automate.”  Sofy’s Smart Regression also takes the guesswork out of regression testing, making everything seamless and easy for your team.

Sofy for QA / Dev Managers
Case Study
No more test script maintenance! We were up and running with our BVTs within a week without writing a single line of code!”
Peter S, Axia Women’s Health
Case Study
Sofy is a game changer. We’re able to automate tests within days using their no-code platform and its seamless integration with CI/CD helped us test our builds daily.”
Sachin J, Engineering Manager for Office
Microsoft Corp.
Case Study
We went from 0% automation to 75% automation using Sofy and it has helped us to reduce our release cycle from 4 weeks to 1 week.”
Omair Khan, CEO
Case Study
SOFY enabled us to release MatchPoint on schedule by enabling us to test the app on over a dozen devices prior to release.”
Imran Aziz, CEO
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See why companies like Microsoft, BT, Forrester and more are using Sofy to deliver quality apps and shorten their release cycle.
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