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Our Story

We started SOFY as a testing platform with the goal of fully automating UI and functional testing of mobile apps. We infused the platform with lots of ML to add intelligence to our testing, so it does not have challenges of brute force automation techniques.  

We certainly believe the best way to judge the quality of an application is how it is used by customers. Working closely with customers, we realized that our customers needed a mix of manual and automated testing and a way to seamlessly move between the two without having to retrain their development teams. 

As a result, we designed and recently launched SOFY Live and SOFY Automate to alleviate these customer pain points. 

Our Customers and Partners Say

“SOFY is a Microsoft partner, built grounds-up on Azure PaaS. Their architecture leverages several Azure services such as Azure AppService, SQL, and Cosmos DB. Their deep integration with Azure DevOps has enabled customers for improved productivity. SOFY is a co-sell ready solution on Azure AppSource and we are excited to enable startups like SOFY to help us jointly serve our customers, 

Prashant Sharma
Principal PM, Microsoft.  


“We have been working with SOFY to automate and augment our manual testing of WebEx Mobile App on the Android platform. We have been impressed with how quickly the SOFY team has been able to deliver a solution that addressed our unique needs. We are excited about the introduction of SOFY Live and SOFY Automate because of its ability to find issues in our app, provide rich contextual insights with its test results and machine learning capabilities that allow it to find UX issues, 

Preton Xie
Engineering Manager at Cisco.

Meet the Founder

My Story: Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO

Prior to founding SOFY, I worked for 18 years at Microsoft, starting as a developer, then a Dev Manager, and eventually an Engineering leader in the company. We tried to automate as many of the repetitive tasks to avoid human error and increase developer productivity and focus our engineers on delivering value to the business which is to build functionality and capabilities within the product.   

One area that persistently frustrated me was the inability to automate UI and functional testing. I managed a large development budget and witnessed an increasing portion of my budget went to QA testing as well as hiring a large number of tester engineers. 

The more I looked into solving this problem and talked with fellow engineering leaders in my professional network, it was clear that the industry was in desperate need of innovation in this area of UI and functional testing as the testing paradigm in this area had not changed for over 25 years. Coincidentally, the proliferation of AI made the technologies needed to solve this problem more accessible. This eventually led me to leave my current job and start SOFY. 

I hope you will give us a try, provide your feedback so that we can continue to evolve SOFY and meet your needs into the future. 

Meet the Leadership

Syed Hamid

Founder & CEO

Hyder Ali

VP, Product and Business Development

Walid Abu-Hadba

                                           Usman Zubair

                                              Director of Engineering

                      Walid Abu-Habda

                Member, Board of Directors

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