AI and ML in Software Testing

How artificial intelligence and machine learning will change the game.

Transforming Software Testing

Why AI/ML in software testing will change how we view SOFY has focused on artificial intelligence and machine learning in testing to create a seamless platform for manual, automate, and robotic testing capabilities. Our approach to augmenting testing capabilities lines up with the opinions of Forrester analysts who wrote an article that states Augment Your Developers’ And Testers’ Intelligence With AI And ML. Continuous delivery requires continuous testing, which demands increased automation. AI and ML augment testers’ intelligence and increase overall test automation to address higher levels of business and technical requirements.”

Syed Hamid, the CEO of SOFY has also presented a webinar on how AI can change the way we generate and run test cases. Machine learning will change how we view testing and have a significant impact on the productivity, quality, and speed of software release. Find out more in our new e-book. 

Join companies like Microsoft, British Telecom, and Cisco in using AI/ML to augment their testing capabilities. If you’re a QA engineer, software engineer, or UX designer – or you’re managing a team that works on software release cycles, this e-book can provide you with valuable insights into how you can leverage AI and ML to transform software testing and increase your productivity, app quality, and release times. You can get yours now for FREE with the link below!