Automatically Validate your Application​

Advancement of Machine Learning can help automatically validate your mobile application.​

exploratory test run results for android app

Accessibility Testing of Your Application​

SOFY performs automatic validation of “coloring”, font size, etc. to ensure every screen is tested and your application content is accessible.

visual quality audit description and recommendation
visual quality audit for mobile application

Validate UI Layout

With the power of Image and Text Analysis, SOFY can validate each menu for the right size, top and bottom app bar follow UX design guidelines and the text on the screen is not cutoff.

Performance Testing​

SOFY uses industry data to identify UI load time issues, slow-performing APIs and exceptions. 

audit description and recommendation for mobile app
security report with static and run time analysis for android app

Check with Security Issues​

SOFY analyzes your application package and identifies security vulnerabilities including static and run time analysis.

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