Getting Started Using Sofy 

This document explains how to get started using Sofy for manual and automated testing.

Signing Up for Sofy Trial

Learn how to sign up for a new Sofy account.

Understanding Sofy Device Lab

Understanding Sofy’s Device lab management portal.

Adhoc Testing

Adhoc Testing is the ability in Sofy to perform quick, unstructured testing of the app using real device.  Here are some use case scenarios.

Manual Testing

Use 100s of real devices and gain increased visibility into your team’s manual testing.

Creating Nocode Automated Tests

Leverage the no-code platform to automate tests and run them on various physical devices.

Executing Nocode Automated Tests

Automation has been the holy grail of QA Teams.  Here are some of the benefits of automation.

Converting Manual to Automated Test

Using Sofy, you don’t have to write scripting code for creating Automated Test Cases.

Reading Device Logs

Reading device logs for troubleshooting.

Testing while working Remote

With COVID pandemic forcing people to work from home has created several challenges for Software teams to create an environment where they can be productive.

Android Q 10 Restrictions

Android 10 (API level 29) introduces a number of features and behavior changes to better protect user’s privacy. Please review these to understand how these could impact your testing on Sofy.

Testing your website on Mobile devices

Test your websites on actual physical devices using Sofy

What’s New with SOFY in Jan 2021?

To usher the start of 2021, we gave our website ( a major update to better reflect our customer personas and use cases. Check it out!

Using Test Data

A Quick Intro While testing a software application, a tester needs to input data in the UI forms to test app functionality. Any such user identified data that is used in tests is called test data.  Test data is either provided by testers or generated by testing tools. For example, to test a login screen, […]

Using Asserts

What is an Assert? An Assert is a Boolean expression that is added at a specific point in a test script to validate a condition which will be true unless there is a bug in the program. A test assertion is defined as an expression, which encapsulates some testable logic specified about a target under […]

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