What’s New with SOFY in 2021?

To usher the start of 2021, we gave our website ( a major update to better reflect our customer personas and use cases. Check it out!

Android Q 10 Restrictions

Android 10 (API level 29) introduces a number of features and behavior changes to better protect user’s privacy. Please review these to understand how these could impact your testing on Sofy.

Creating no-code automated test

Leverage the no-code platform to automate tests and run them on various physical devices.

Reading Device Logs

Reading device logs for troubleshooting.

Understanding Sofy Device Lab

Understanding Sofy’s Device lab management portal.

Testing your website on Mobile devices

Test your websites on actual physical devices using Sofy

Augmented Manual Testing with Sofy

Use 100s of real devices and gain increased visibility into your team’s manual testing.

Getting Started with Sofy

Learn how to sign up for a new Sofy account.

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