Manual Testing

Once you login you will land on your application list page. Select and existing app or click on Add New on top right corner to add a new app.

On Sofy every app and it’s results work within the context of a release. This helps QA Managers to track test results, issues and productivity of their team per release. Sofy creates a default release for you which can be seen under the Release menu.

Once your release is setup. You can setup your manual test case by expanding the Live menu from the nav bar and clicking on Test Cases.

Sofy supports adding a manual test case either manually or you can import your test cases from test management tools like Test Rails, Azure DevOps or JIRA. The list shows your existing test cases (if any) or you can click on Add Test cases  on top right to add a manual test case.

Next step is to execute this test case on an actual physical device. Click on the Lab  menu on the left nav bar to display the list of all the devices that are available to your plan. Click on Acquire to grab an online device.

Once your device is successfully acquired. You will be redirected to SOFY Lab.


You can select one of the manual test cases from the Manual Tests Tab and click on play (The green arrow).

Once the test case starts- play with your app as you normally would an execute your test case steps. While you perform your test observe on the right hand side that Sofy is tracking all your steps.

Once your steps are completed you can mark the test case as passed or failed and Sofy will record the result. To review the results of your manual test you can go to the Results tab and select the test case you just performed. Click on the result to go to it’s detail page.

Manual Test case result page would show you the exact repro steps and actions performed by the tester as well as important System data like


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