Creating Nocode Automated Tests

Once in the Sofy Device Lab. You can select the Start Recording button in Recording Tab.

This will clean the application cache and relaunch the application so that your test always starts in a known state. Once launched , perform your test case steps.

As you perform the test case on the device Sofy is recording all your steps. Once done click on Stop Recording button to stop recording your test. This will prompt you to save your recording.

Give your scenario a valid name and save the scenario. You can now see your recording available under the Automated Tests Tab


Simplifying iOS and Android UI Test Automation

 Sofy is made for ease-of-use and convenience. With mobile app performance testing online, QA engineers and QA/Dev managers have access to a host of tools that result in better apps, faster. Leverage a range of Android and iOS app performance testing tools through a remote mobile app, from no-code automation to intuitive gestures. The Device Lab features multiple screens and panes, designed to bring out the best (and discover the worst) in your mobile and web-based applications. With the option to run both iOS and Android automation, as well as manual testing, the power is truly in your hands. At the same time, you’ll be able to view the status of each session you run, and release the device once you’re finished. With Sofy, you can understand your application for the better, leading you to stunning results.

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