Executing Nocode Automated Tests

Here are some of the benefits of automation.

  • Repeatability and consistency in Testing. While manual testing has the benefit of humans to deal unexpected behavior during testing, it also comes with element of inconsistency due to human involvement.
  • Speed of Testing is considerably enhanced as it can executed with delays and in parallel
  • Automated tests can be integrated with CI/CD
  • Cost saving

With Sofy, you can get all of these benefits without creating any code.
You can find instructions for creating Nocode automated test, here.

Executing Nocode Automation

Once the Test Case is created, here are the steps to execute the automated test.

  1. Go to the Automated Tab on the Right Pane in the Device Lab.
  2. Select the Test Case you would like to execute.
  3. Click the Play button to execute the test.
  4. Sofy starts execution by cleaning up the device, downloading the script and will start execution.
  5. Once the execution starts, you will see all the execution steps being performed on the Right Pane.

This mode of execution is called Interactive mode because you can observe the execution while the test is performed.

On-demand playback

While the interactive method is useful to check if the automated script is performing as expected, it is not a scalable way to execute the tests repeated and across multiple devices at once.  For this scenario, you can run the Automated Test on demand.

  1. Select Automated Menu
  2. Select Test Run


3. You can now select the Build you want to execute, one or more Test Cases and one or more devices. Once the tests are completed, you will receive an email to that effect.

Run Automated Test | Sofy

4. After the Test is completed, you can check the Test Results, under the Automated, Test Run Menu.

Automated Test Result | Sofy

Automated Test Resu

When you select the specific Test, you will get the Test Result Details.

Automated Test Result Detail | Sofy

Automated Test Result Detail

In Summary, with Sofy, a cloud-based Testing platform Sofy and nocode automation capabilities, enables you to achieve automation without some of the overheads needed to create one.

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