Testing while working Remote

With COVID pandemic forcing people to work from home has created several challenges for Software teams to create an environment where they can be productive. Check out the blog in which we discuss the issues encountered in remote mobile app testing.

However, we want to discuss how a cloud based testing tool like Sofy can have overcome these challenges.

  1. Ability to get instant access to Real Devices for testing
  2. Adhoc Testing
  3. Enriching bug reports with contextual data without spending a lot of time or tools
  4. On-demand testing to avoid contention for devices
  5. Automated Regression testing
  6. Team performance Visibility

Gain instant access to Real Devices for Testing

There is a significant benefit to testing with real devices as opposed to emulators and simulators such as speed of testing, the setup time required to work with emulators and simulators, identifying device specific bugs, testing for device specific hardware capabilities.  With Sofy, you can instantly acquire a device, which results in application package being installed automatically enabling you to start testing with a matter seconds.

Adhoc Testing

Being able to quickly validate a specific functionality that has been fixed in a build saves a lot of time for both developers and testers.  Lets’ say that a specific fix was made part of the build for a tablet device. With Sofy, you can grab a Tablet from Device Lab, and quickly validate the functionality instantly with little overhead. This way, developers and tester can be sure the fix worked without having to worry about availability to such devices.

Enriching bug reports with contextual data

During testing, you can create a bug or issue report with a single click and Sofy automatically gathers all the relevant data associated with the bug and makes it part of the bug report.  This includes screenshot, device log, device and build specific details without the tester having to use plethora of tools which frees his/her time to focus on testing.

On-demand testing to avoid contention for devices

With Sofy, you can perform interactive testing (both manual and automated) – you can perform the test interactively while inspecting for the desired behavior and results.  In case of automated testing, you can queue your tests, and don’t have present while the test is running. In the event, a specific device you want to test is not available, the test is scheduled and run as soon as the device becomes available.  When you and co-workers are working remote, you may not have luxury of walking over to find out when you can acquire a specific device you need from them.

Automated Regression testing

Full automation, particularly for remote mobile app testing, is the holy grail for any test team. It comes with tradeoffs in terms of skills needed, the time takes to automate, constant changes required to make it resilient to device form factors, UI changes, etc. With Sofy you can instantly create automated tests or convert manual to automated tests using the power of nocode automation. Once automated, you can easily run regression tests when a new build becomes available.  You can also make them part of CI/CD for automatic validation.

Team Performance Visibility

In remote setting, visibility to what everyone is working becomes a challenge.  That is why Sofy has a comprehensive Dashboard that shows what each member of the team is performing, test coverage across devices during the release, bug trends, etc. These stats provide quantitative insights about the release and helps make decision making easier.

In Summary, with Sofy, a cloud-based Testing platform Sofy and nocode automation capabilities, rich Dashboard, the boundaries between working on-site and remote mobile app testing are completely blurred and enables efficiencies, otherwise difficult to achieve.  Try Sofy today with a FREE Trial.

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