Testing your website on Mobile devices

Sofy allows you to test your website on a physical mobile device. Simply login to your Sofy account and on the applications list page click on Add New  from top right corner and select the website option.


Enter the URL of your website and click on Add New Website.  Select the newly added website from the applications list page. This will take you the website dashboard.

Notice that Sofy automatically scheduled an exploratory single page run for your website.

Once the run finishes you can view the results. You can drill down and review all the issues found by Sofy and suggestions for improvements for your website.

To test how your website look and feels on a mobile device. Click on the Lab button on the left nav bar.

Select the device you want to test on pick your choice of browser (Chrome or Firefox) and click on Acquire to open your website on that mobile device. Once the Sofy Lab loads it automatically opens your website in the selected browser.


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