Understanding Sofy Device Lab

Once you acquire a Sofy physical device you will be taken to the Sofy Lab.

The Device lab management portal allows you to interact with the device , install mobile applications, run manual/automated tests or create no-code automation.

SOFY’s device lab management portal has the following key elements to interact with as outlined in Figure below:

Session Action Pane: Allows you to mange the session of your selected device

The session pane can be used to install a new app in the same session by clicking on the Select App  option, Extend the session time (10 minutes extension at one time) or simply end the session and releasing the device.

Device Screen: Shows the device screen within the browser window. This is a physical device in Sofy lab being rendered on the browser.


Test Run Pane: Allows you to view Automated Tests, Manual Tests, Recording, Results.

Status Pane: This shows the current state of the session along with the App package name, app version number, device name/id and the OS.

Device Action Pane: Since you cannot physically hold the device, to interact with the device for certain gestures SOFY allows this action pane. Actions that you can perform on the device using this:


  • The orientation of the device

  • Create test asserts (applicable during automation only)

  • Home button

  • Select and clear all text in a box

  • Enter

  • Back

  • Toggle Wifi

  • Add Timer (applicable during automation only)

  • Set Text (applicable during automation only)

  • Add Threshold (applicable during automation only)

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