What’s New with SOFY in Jan 2021?

A new look for website sofy.ai!
To usher the start of 2021, we gave our website (https://sofy.ai) a major update to better reflect our customer personas and use cases. Check it out!

An enhanced Sofy Portal

We also made significant improvements to our portal that includes among other things better onboarding experience for new users, improvements to resiliency and performance of nocode automation. We increased the performance of nocode automation between 2x to 3x depending on the app under test.

During onboarding you can perform manual test, convert to automated test case with a single click and execute the automated test so you can experience the full scope of the platform.

Compare Automated Test Results with Recorded Baseline

We introduced the ability to compare the Test Results with Baseline (at the time of recording). You can step through screen by screen to determine any discrepancies between any test run against the recorded version. In the example below, the Test was recorded on a Samsung S9 while the playback was done on a Samsung Tablet.

Manually Test websites on mobile devices

You can now manually test a PWA or any web page on any mobile device.

Why not try out these cool new features now!
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