Using Test Data

A Quick Intro

While testing a software application, a tester needs to input data in the UI forms to test app functionality. Any such user identified data that is used in tests is called test data.  Test data is either provided by testers or generated by testing tools. For example, to test a login screen, a tester must enter a pre-defined username and password and is an example of a user provided test data.  To test a Registration page using automation you have to programmatically generate username and password. This is an example auto-generated test data.

In essence, test data provides a mechanism to externalize input data so that a tester who generates test cases can capture all of the necessary variables that is required in testing.  At the same time, a tester performing testing will know exactly what input data to feed to the test and observe the expected results.

To test an app using Sofy, please see Getting Started using Sofy.

Generating Test Data

  1. To generate test data in Sofy, select the app to test. Select the Test Data menu and create test data variables one at a time.

Defining Test Data in Sofy Defining Test Data

  1. Select the Create Test Data button and specify Value for user specified data or Pattern or system generated data.

    Defining Test Data Variable in Sofy

    Defining Test Data Variable

  1. Enter all the specified fields (Variable Name, Value and Description)

Description of Pattern for System Generated Data

Test Data Patterns in Sofy

Test Data Pattern Definition

numeric (n) Generates a numeric value of n digits
alphabetic (n) Generates an alphabetic value of n digits.
alphanumeric (n) Generates an alphanumeric value of n digits.
Date(n, DD-MM-YYYY) Generates a data that is n days away from Today’s date


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