Increase your Test Automation

Deliver your application as fast as possible with highly reliable Automation Tests. ​

run mobile tests with no code automation

No Code Automation, Parallel Testing​

Scriptless creation of your Automation. Create tests in minutes and run at scale across devices. No need to change your code when your UI or content changes.

Appium scripts, espresso, and other scripts take a lot of time to learn, code and maintain. SOFY removes all these high costs maintenance of automation.

automated test run for parallel testing​
convert manual test runs into automation

Convert Manual Tests into Automation

Simply import your manual tests from your favorite Test Case Manager, run it on devices, and now these are available as automated tests.

Identify Issues Automatically​

Don’t worry about crashes or performance. You can just define your performance parameter and SOFY will automatically identify the issues that failed to meet the criteria. 

manual test run on android device with app crash

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