Webinar: 3 Ways to Revolutionize Application Testing with SOFY

A New Approach to Software Testing to Help you Increase the Productivity of your Development Teams

Date: 29th October, 9 am - 10 am PST

The rapid pace of innovation, accelerated software release cycles and customer expectations of quality have put a lot of pressure on development and testing teams, and in some cases made it the long pole in the software development process.

In Episode 1 of the webinar series we will cover the top 3 ways SOFY can help ship quality software faster:

  • An enhanced testing engine that can analyze your application or website and show security vulnerabilities in your application within minutes. You will be surprised what Sofy can find in your app or website!
  • A report out of visual quality issues including accessibility issues, conformance to industry guidelines and best practices. These tips will provide the information developers can use to increase customer engagement of the app.
  • built-in SOFY simulator to record and playback scenarios of mobile that is vastly simpler and faster than how it is currently done so you validate specific scenarios and app logic and perform regression tests.

Hyder Ali, VP, Product and Business Development at SOFY

Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO at SOFY