Webinar: 7 Things to Consider on When and How to Invest in Software Testing Automation

On-Demand Webinar

Many organizations struggle to determine when and how much to invest in test automation. Should they hire developers to build their core application or to automate their testing? What is the ROI for such investments?

The problems of testing are particularly acute when it comes to mobile app testing due to the permutation of devices, OSs, browsers make mobile app testing challenging.

When a development cycle is delayed, there is little appetite to change the release date and the pressure is on the testing team to make up for such delays. Such decisions invariably affect the quality of the released product and ultimately customer satisfaction.

In Episode 3 of Sofy webinar series, we will learn from Hyder Ali, VP, Product and Business Development at Sofy and our guest speaker James Rodrigues who has been in the trenches facing such issues in high-pressure situations. James Rodrigues is a Developer Evangelist for SOFY.AI. In his prior role, he was a Director and Partner Engineering Manager at Microsoft working on the Windows Core OS.

James will share how they approached such situations and what recommendations they would offer to those who face a similar dilemma. We also discuss some test automation solutions that can address these challenges.

You will learn more about how to :

  • Make a good value proposition argument for Test Automation
  • Establish Test Automation Goals
  • Jointly Collaborate with the Development Team on Shared Test Automation
  • Require Feature Complete to Include Test Automation
  • Check in New features as Dark Code
  • Enable Telemetry and Monitoring
  • Automate a regressions suite


James Rodrigues

Developer Evangelist at Sofy

Hyder Ali

VP, Products and Business Development

About Sofy

Sofy tests Mobile Apps and Websites by augmenting manual testing, automating test cases (with NO CODE) and provides rich contextual data for bug reporting. All powered by a patented ML algorithm.

At Sofy, our mission is to enable companies to ship quality code faster by automating what was hitherto performed only manually and by empowering all the personas to have a stake in testing so that shipping a quality App is not just the responsibility of the testing team.

Sofy’s patented machine learning algorithms recommends test scenarios based on product changes, prior test results to increase test coverage. Sofy can provide real time usage analytics to give developers visibility into usage of the app and suggest test scenarios to enhance user engagement.