RPA for Software Testing

Webinar: Machine Learning Use Cases in Software Testing.

July 8th at 7:00 AM PST
Duration: 45 min (includes interactive Q&A)

According to Gartner, Robotic Process Automation will be worth $10B by 2027 and it is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. RPA will enable organizations to lower costs by 30% through hyper-automation. 

  • What if RPA and hyper-automation can be applied to Software Testing? 
  • Can you imagine a world in which robots can augment human testers and automate without requiring you to write a single line of automation code? 

We call this Robotic Test Automation. At SOFY, we have taken RTA to the next level by applying AI to solve some tough, time-consuming problems in software testing. In this episode of the SOFY webinar series, we will discuss what is possible and show how we have applied this technology to solve our customer problems.


Syed Hamid

Founder & CEO at SOFY

Hyder Ali

VP, Products and Business Development at SOFY

About SOFY

SOFY tests Mobile Apps and Websites by augmenting manual testing, automating test cases (with NO CODE) and provides rich contextual data for bug reporting. All powered by a patented ML algorithm.

At SOFY, our mission is to enable companies to ship quality code faster by automating what was hitherto performed only manually and by empowering all the personas to have a stake in testing so that shipping a quality App is not just the responsibility of the testing team.

SOFY’s patented machine learning algorithms recommends test scenarios based on product changes, prior test results to increase test coverage. Sofy can provide real time usage analytics to give developers visibility into usage of the app and suggest test scenarios to enhance user engagement.