Sofy Webinar: 7 Things to Consider When Investing in Software Testing Automation

Featuring guest speaker Jim Rodrigues, former Director and Partner Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

Before adopting a new system, it is essential to understand how your current quality assurance approach is performing, what improvements you hope to make, and how you will measure success. In this webinar Hyder Ali, our VP of Product and Business Development, and our guest speaker James Rodrigues will highlight how they approach these questions and how that can help your organization determine how much to invest in test automation, what automation approach to take, how to present it to upper management, and how to measure your ROI.

You will learn how to:

  • Make a good value proposition argument for test automation
  • Establish test automation goals
  • Collaborate with the development team on shared test automation
  • Require feature complete to include test automation
  • Check-in new features as dark code
  • Enable telemetry and monitoring
  • Automate a regressions suite

Ready to get started with Sofy?

  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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