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Transform Your QA with Scriptless Automation

Discover how Sofy’s scriptless automation platform can revolutionize your app testing process. From our extensive Device Lab to seamless integrations and actionable insights, see firsthand how to streamline your QA, reduce costs, and accelerate release cycles.

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Learn How to Unlock the Full Potential
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Sofy takes all the really hard things off your plate and gives you this nice user interface that you can click a couple times, record a script, click a few more times, and run that script, and know that it's going to run across a bunch of different phones reliably. That is magic.
Carlos, Bemodem

Why Choose Sofy?

  • Leverage Sofy’s Device Lab for comprehensive testing on real devices.
  • Simplify test case management and maintenance with our scriptless approach.
  • Integrate effortlessly with tools you already use for a seamless workflow.
  • Make informed decisions with actionable reporting on test and device performance.

Product Features

Device Lab

Test on multiple real devices without the hassle of setup and maintenance. From various sizes and OS versions to intuitive gesture testing, gain complete control and ensure your app performs flawlessly.

Manual Testing

Cut manual testing time in half. Convert manual tests to automation effortlessly, set up test environments quickly, and create high-quality product issues with valuable data like device logs and crash reports.

Automated Testing

Achieve resilient, no-code test automation with Sofy. Scale your testing effortlessly across hundreds of devices and integrate scriptless automation to reduce maintenance costs and time.

Ready to Elevate Your QA Strategy?

See how Sofy can transform your testing workflow, save costs, and improve product quality with a personalized demo. Discover the power of scriptless, automated testing tailored to your needs.

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