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Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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Shorten your Release Cycles with Scriptless Test Automation

Author and execute all your mobile app tests at scale, on real devices.

Increase ROI

Improve your product quality through resilient automation

Easy Automation

Run automation on every change in minutes by integrating with CI/CD. 

Simplified Workflows

Save money by replacing up to eight different testing tools.  

Faster Results

Increase your team’s efficiency by 90%, compared to Appium and other testing tools. 

Minimal Test Maintenance

Reduce flakiness and upkeep using self-healing functionalities, templates, inserted steps, conditionals, and more.

Quick Authoring

Easily create test automation 

Create test automation within minutes and avoid spending hours on manual and repetitive tasks.  

Access iOS or Android devices from anywhere in the world and create automated tests without any coding or framework dependencies.

Empower your team to efficiently create automation scripts without the hassle of setting up physical testing environments or managing device configurations. 

Raise Team Productivity and Results

Scale with prebuilt templates 

Code is constantly changing, and we make it easy to react to changes in your applications. Anyone on your team can quickly create tests and reuse templates on any real device.

With prebuilt templates, you can streamline the testing process and ensure consistency across different devices and app versions.

Enable your team to seamlessly adapt to changes and maintain high-quality standards throughout development. 

Ensure Consistency

Leverage visual matching for accuracy

Validate every element, component, and interface across 100+ devices to ensure accuracy in your testing process.  

By leveraging visual matching technology, you can ensure consistent user experiences regardless of screen size, resolution, or operating system.

Easily catch style inconsistencies and layout bugs to raise release quality.

Test Resiliency & Maintenance

Robust test creation & execution

Sofy turbocharges your testing process by leveraging Smart Locators to evaluate hundreds of element attributes for both dynamic and non-dynamic app content, resulting in high quality, low-maintenance tests. 

Identify dynamic content and extend your tests using templates, inserted steps, and conditionals.

Tests detect and react dynamically to system dialogs, different device form-factors, and more – to ensure all tests run the first time and every time.

Flexible Scheduling

Execute tests your way

Add flexibility to your testing process by using automation to schedule test runs based on your criteria. 

Run your schedules across multiple devices whether they’re triggered by schedules, CI/CD build changes, code updates, and more.

Easily schedule regression tests to ensure continuous improvement and raise overall product quality.