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Make everyone in the team a software tester

No Emulators. Test your app on physical devices!

SOFY Manual can provide any device to any team member from anywhere, right from your browser. Report any bugs and SOFY automatically creates into bug tracking tools like Jira including repro steps.

Reduce your test cycle by effortless automation

Avoid Test Script Maintenance Nightmares

SOFY Automate can create any UI automation from within a browser with its NO CODE automation platform. SOFY’s Machine Learning engine makes your automation robust with no or little maintenance.

Increase your test coverage by Robotic Testing

use SOFY robotic testing  to explore every part of your app and find performance issues, crashes and validate UX design , all powered by SOFY’s machine learning algorithms

Delight your customers by validating UX design.

SOFY SKILLS automatically performs Visual Quality , Performance , Reliability tests and significantly improve user experience across devices. Over 400 testing skills are validated with  every build of your app



"No more test script maintenance! "

We used SOFY to test our new ERAS app. We were up and running with our BVTs within a week without writing a single line of code! Also, the device coverage on SOFY ensured that we rolled out with confidence to hundreds of our customers across the country. We highly recommend SOFY to any company working mobile development projects. Excited to use SOFY Skills in the future.

Peter S. - Chief Information Officer


"SOFY can be a game changer"

We’ve been impressed with the results SOFY has brought to the Microsoft Office team. We’re able to automate tests within days using No-code platform and its seamless integration with CI/CD helped us test our builds daily. SOFY ‘s Robotic Testing is an innovative product and has demonstrated capabilities (specially SOFY skills for validating visual quality, accessibility , reliability, etc.) that can be a game changer for software testing needs of mobile app developers.

Sachin J. - Engineering Manager Office Hub.

"SOFY was a lifesaver"

With an installed base of million of mobile users, our QA struggled with tight release deadlines. We are also spending a lot of money to acquire devices for testing. When COVID forced remote work, the situation got to point we need to rethink our QA strategy. That’s when we turned to SOFY to address our problems. First, we gained instant productivity increase with our manual testing with SOFY Live. With no coding, we converted our manual tests to automation. We went from 0% automation to 75% automation using SOFY and it has helped us to reduce our release cycle from 4 weeks to 1 week.

Omair Khan- CEO SalaamPlanet


Join companies like Microsoft, British Telecom, and Cisco in using AI/ML to augment their testing capabilities. If you’re a QA engineer, software engineer, or UX designer – or you’re managing a team that works on software release cycles, this e-book can provide you with valuable insights into how you can leverage AI and ML to transform software testing and increase your productivity, app quality, and release times. You can get yours now for FREE with the link below!

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