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Trueblue Reduces Testing Time by 75% with Sofy

About Trueblue

Trueblue provides industry-leading cloud-based, ready-to-use BI and AI solutions for the Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical markets. Their offering includes AiDEA Suite, tailored to address different challenges and needs of these industries within an integrated ecosystem of products, and MyAiDEA, the app that enhances traditional CRM systems with an  AI-driven approach to streamline and optimize the customer engagement, data analytics, and commercial process. Trueblue introduced AiDEA to the Pharma and Life Sciences markets in 2021 and is currently used by 4000 users in European enterprise companies.

“Sofy has proven to be an invaluable partner for us at Trueblue. The standout aspect of our collaboration has been their cutting-edge technology coupled with unparalleled support. Their team has consistently been responsive and eager to work in a collaborative spirit, making our journey with them truly remarkable.” 

Stefano Peroli

VP of Engineering, Trueblue

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Life Sciences, Pharmaceutical


Android, iOS, Web


March 2023




Scriptless Automation, Lab Execution, Scheduled Runs


Trueblue’s core values center around customer minded, human-centric, and relentless innovation. It was important that their app kept up with the growing technological demands, not to mention a stellar user experience. Despite their technological advancements, Trueblue faced significant hurdles in their app development process: 

Too much time spent on manual testing (around 8 days).

Lacked resources to create and maintain advanced automated scripts.

Meeting the demands of quick turnarounds and maintaining quality user experiences.

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Trueblue needed an efficient and effective testing approach to reduce the time and effort spent on manual testing. Sofy helped their team with:

Easy-to-use scriptless testing interface for manual and automated tests.

Reusable test cases and templates for quicker testing.

Real devices available and accessible on one platform.

Insightful test failure and issue reporting.


Implementing Sofy’s scriptless automated testing solution transformed Trueblue’s app development and testing process. This strategic move allowed Trueblue to maintain its commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring their AI-powered tools remained at the cutting edge of technology without compromising on quality or user experience. 


Test Use Cases


Scheduled Automated Runs

2 days

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