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Mobile Browser Testing

Deliver optimized mobile experiences

Resolve UI, UX, browser, and performance issues for your mobile website by testing seamlessly across any Android or iOS devices. 

Run responsive website tools on real devices with real browsers installed

Test websites on different screen sizes, resolutions and orientation

Set performance thresholds for tests such as Memory, CPU Usage, Network Traffic or Load Time

Test website responsiveness at scale 

Today, more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices. Ensure a great mobile experience by testing your code on popular browsers, operating systems, and devices for factors such as performance, design, and speed. 

Boost mobile app performance

Sofy hands you page-by-page reports featuring details on every design element, click, media item, and external connection, rooting out the busy work. Let Sofy optimize images for performance and provide precise fixes for your API connections, code, repository, and databases. 

No-code automation testing for mobile apps

Simplify your testing process

Sofy operates within your DevOps infrastructure. Simply integrate within your CI/CD pipeline and Sofy will automatically run background tests with any minor code change.