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Sofy Live

Live Testing on Real Devices

Test instantly on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices to deliver exceptional user experiences.

Test with confidence

Real Devices + Real Interactions

Real Devices, Always Available

Test on over 100 Android and iOS devices across dozens of different form factors and sizes.  

Easy Integrations

Seamless integration with your favorite dev tools such as GitHub, DataDog, JIRA, and more. 

Test in Real-World Conditions

Test using realistic scenarios with gestures like swipe, long press, tab etc.    

Real-Time Debugging

Utilize test data such as device logs, test results, network analysis, visual quality and more.  

Sofy Device Lab

Always real devices

Run all your testing scenarios on the same devices your users use, without having to rely on the guesswork of emulators or simulators.

Run all your tests on our devices from Apple, Google, Samsung and more, using native features like GPS, network simulation, gestures and many others.

Allocate multiple devices for as long as you need for your entire team to test your application.

On-Demand Testing

Test on latest builds

Ensure your team is always testing on the latest builds. Sofy increases your testing efficiency by integrating with your CI/CD workflow, so your team is always aligned.

Sofy integrates with GitHub, Bitrise, Azure DevOps, CircleCI, and many others.

Broadly test for visual quality, accessibility, and other on-demand issues.

Results & Reports

Utilize real-time debugging

Understand what’s happening on the device as you test. Sofy enables you to debug your app while utilizing crash reports and logs, UI element inspection, and stack trace to find and fix bugs instantly. 

Every testing action on your app can be logged and analyzed, along with a real-time view of hardware performance, memory load, and more.

See how your application performs over time, across multiple builds.


Integrate with your test management system

Keep your entire team on the same page while improving your products. Sofy seamlessly integrates with Jira and other incident management systems.

Automatically upload bugs, report progress on test executions, and create tickets for your team. 

Enable your team to log and track incidents quickly and easily.