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Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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Sofy Capabilities

Automated Testing Made Easy

Get started creating your own tests and get actionable results quickly.

Test with confidence

Real Devices + Real Interactions

Test Without Emulation

Sofy has over 100 Android and iOS devices, always ready when you are.  

Easy Integration

Seamless integration with your favorite CI/CD tool such as DataDog, JIRA and more. 

Real-world Interactions

Test using realistic scenarios like swipe, long press, zoom, tab etc.  

Analyze Results

Utilize test data such as device logs, test results, network analysis, visual quality and more. 


Real Devices

Remove the guesswork of emulators and simulated devices. Every iOS and Android device at Sofy is real.

Authentic Interactions

Since Sofy’s devices are real, you can always leverage gestures and hardware settings for real-world testing.

Device Performance & Log Access

No matter if you’re doing live testing or evaluating results, you can always see all performance thresholds, memory stats, and more.


Easily integrate with your CI/CD system, bug tracking platform, and more.


Leverage Generative AI

Use Co-Pilot to author both manual and automated tests, as well as gain understanding about test failures and best practices.

No Code

Everyone on your team can be an automation engineer. It’s easy to create and maintain tests without writing a single line of code.

Self-Healing Tests

Sofy’s algorithms leverage smart locators and dynamic element detection, reducing the need to re-author tests when code changes.

Flexible Automation

Set your schedules to run at any increment you want, or trigger all schedules to execute on build upload.



Run one test, run a thousand. Sofy allows you to schedule and leverage parallel test execution on as many devices as you need.


Easily integrate with your CI/CD system, bug tracking platform, and more.

Reduce Testing Time

No matter if you’re doing automated, manual or scheduled tests, decrease app testing time by up to 5x.

Scheduled & On-Demand Runs

With flexible scheduling and CI/CD triggers, Sofy makes it simple to run tests in accordance with your release workflow.


On-Demand Reports

Gain an understanding of release readiness, accessibility compliance, visual alignment, and other mission-critical details.

Understand Performance

Always see silicon-level performance metrics and memory load for every step in your tests.

Report Issues

Easy integration with your bug-tracking platforms enables you to easily log and track surfaced issues.

Single view of your app quality

Gain an understanding of release readiness, accessibility compliance, and other mission-critical details.