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Experience the Future of App Testing

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Explore the app testing power of Sofy’s scriptless automation tools through a FREE demo. In this 15 to 30 minute demonstration, you will learn how to enhance your QA, lower expenses, and speed up your app development through our vast Device Lab, seamless integrations, and insightful reporting analytics.

Scriptless Automation With Sofy is Simple!

  1. Use our Device Lab to choose a device and run your test.
  2. Click a button to test with scriptless automation.
  3. Run your test on multiple devices without maintenance.

Over 2,500 apps have been approved by Sofy.


What to Expect in the Demo

Unlock the Full Potential of Your QA Process

  • Overcome QA bottlenecks for faster release cycles.
  • Identify and resolve bugs swiftly with real device testing.
  • Utilize templates for efficient manual testing.
  • Reduce testing costs and time with Sofy’s Device Cloud.
  • Streamline QA testing and development with insightful dashboards.
  • Empower your team to test without coding knowledge.
Sofy takes all the really hard things off your plate and gives you this nice user interface that you can click a couple times, record a script, click a few more times, and run that script, and know that it's going to run across a bunch of different phones reliably. That is magic.
Carlos, Bemodem
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Why Choose Sofy?

  • Leverage Sofy’s Device Lab for comprehensive testing on real devices.
  • Simplify test case management and maintenance with our scriptless approach.
  • Integrate effortlessly with tools you already use for a seamless workflow.
  • Make informed decisions with actionable reporting on test and device performance.

Ready to Elevate Your QA Strategy?

See how Sofy can transform your testing workflow, save costs, and improve product quality with a personalized demo. Discover the power of scriptless, automated testing tailored to your needs.

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Plans & Pricing


Per month on an annual contract
Essential testing tools for your mobile apps
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Features include

2500 Real Device Minutes
2 Parallel Device Sessions
Nocode Automation with Editing and Templates
Manual Testing
Test Reports
CI/CD Integration
Unlimited Users
Email + Chat Support


Per month on an annual contract
Enhanced and customized testing for all your apps
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All the benefits of Starter, and:

7500 Real Device Minutes
5 Parallel Device Sessions
Dedicated Device Option
Custom Device configuration
Shared CSM


For teams managing complex apps requiring flexible, continuous testing for sprint releases. Contact sales to supercharge your testing strategy
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All the benefits of Pro, and:

Custom Device Minutes
Custom Parallel Device Sessions
On-Prem BYOD Option
Premium Support
Dedicated CSM

Product FAQs

Yes. We use a PCI-certified vendor for payment processing, and we don’t store any of that information on our systems. 

We hand you the real thing! Sofy’s Real Device Lab lets you to test on real devices from anywhere. The Sofy team procures and maintains real devices for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most: Testing your app. There’s no need to settle for an imitation when you can test on real devices with Sofy.

Yes, you can see usage data in the app by clicking on Account -> Settings in the left nav and then Billing and Usage.
Yes! API calls can be utilized to allow sending voice/biometric data that would otherwise require the device’s camera or microphone to allow further UI testing. You can also use APIs to interact with your backend and fetch data that can be used as input variables in the test. Additionally, the data captured from API calls can be used in separate API calls as part of their header or body. Visit Adding API Step to a Test to learn more.

Yes, Sofy integrates with your favorites tools and apps. Learn more here.

You can pay with a credit card or bank account. We also accept QBO payments, ACH and wire. If you have any questions about billing, email us at 

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