No-Code Automation

10X Faster QA Testing without a single line of code.

Supercharge your testers with a No-Code automation platform and reduce time spent on QA testing by 95%. Sofy's proprietary AI automates your tests and scales your testing to hundreds of devices.

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No-Code Automation

No more struggling with setting up complex automation frameworks.

Record once and run infinitely- on any device, any time!

Automatically get test reports with app performance metrics, screenshot, playback videos and compare with baseline.

Automation Testing AT SCALE. ON-DEMAND.

Create automated tests without spending countless hours writing, maintaining test scripts or setting up multiple testing frameworks. Automate with a single click, run them at scale and get detailed reports with action items in your inbox.

AI with human instincts

Sofy's intelligence scales testing by replicating actions of Manual Testers so it doesn't need a script to automate your test:

  • Adjusts automatically for device sizes, screen resolution and other form factors
  • Smart regression catches every code change and analyses impact
  • Intelligent insights which determine root cause with > 98% accuracy
AI with human instincts
Run Automated Tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline

Run Automated Tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline

Save time shifting between different platforms and tools. Sofy can run your tests with a command directly from within your DevOps tools and create issues in your bug tracking system.

Spot UX issues and ensure brand and design principles automatically

Spot UX issues and ensure brand and design principles automatically

Sofy integrates with your design tools to automatically validate your UI on all screens, checks for accessibility and automatically creates issues for developers to fix.

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