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What’s New at Sofy: April 2024

Dive into Sofy's latest features for April and learn what events are upcoming in Sofy's world.

Explore the latest technological advances with Sofy’s April releases, and see Sofy’s upcoming events!

New Features and Updates 

  • Test Case Variables Expansion: Create local variables offline and store “temporary” values within those variables. Use this to leverage unique variable values inside test cases and override variable values at runtime.  

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Beyond Compliance: Ensuring Accessibility with Innovative Testing Strategies webinar on May 9, 2024

Join our upcoming webinar on May 9 at 2pm EST with Sofy founder and CEO, Syed Hamid. In this webinar, you will discover the importance of accessibility and understand why it’s fundamental to ensuring your mobile apps are usable by everyone, including individuals with disabilities. 

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Look For Us at Stareast on May 1st! 

GenAI implementation for mobile app testing presentation at Stareast.

Sofy’s CEO and Founder, Syed Hamid, will present at Stareast on May 1st from 2:45 PM to 3:30 PM EST. Check out Syed’s presentation and learn how Generative AI can be implemented for mobile app testing. We’ll see you there!