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Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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Sofy Device Lab allows Android and iOS App Testing

Test your complex apps at scale 

Experience the best way to QA test on multiple real devices without requiring hands-on setup and maintenance of devices. Let Sofy take care of that for you.

Test for different sizes, orientations, and OS versions.

Intuitively test device gestures.

Gain total control over your phone with features like network throttling, GPS, and much more.

Install your app from any source or location.

Quickly run tests based on your unique needs

Access hundreds of Android and iOS devices from anywhere in the world, entirely within your browser. Plus, our device lab allows you to build tests based on real end user experiences and on your unique requirements.

  • Shared devices: Pool of devices are available to all customers and are in a clean state after each use. 
  • Dedicated devices: Devices are available to customers on a premium tier.  
  • On-premise devices: Devices are available to customers on premise environment connected to Sofy’s datacenters. 

Focus on seamless QA testing

With every device acquisition, you receive a clean, well-maintained device with your app automatically installed, allowing you to focus on seamless automated app testing on any real device type and debug without the need for infrastructure maintenance.

Sofy keeps your app testing secure

The Sofy team is committed to keeping your data safe and secure. After all, data forms the core of our business. We have received our SOC 2 Type II certification. To keep app testing secure, we conduct regular security audits.