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Sofy for Salesforce Admin Testers

Test your Salesforce apps with scriptless automaton powered by Sofy

Sofy automates testing of your Salesforce environment for a reliable end-to-end testing solution for QA testers to non-technical users on your team. Explore the benefits of pre-created templates, real device coverage, effortless test automation, and much more.

How Salesforce Testing Works

Upload your Salesforce app to the Sofy platform.

Create your first automated test for your Salesforce mobile app (or web).

Select from a variety of pre-created templates based on your testing requirements.

Customize, edit and/or reuse templates to continuously run tests to validate routine releases from Salesforce.


Amplify testing by expanding coverage

Execute hundreds of tests within hours, allowing QAs to cover multiple test scenarios across 100+ real devices (iOS and Android).

Experience a versatile authoring process

Leverage 30+ pre-built test templates to create and interact with Salesforce objects like accounts or contacts and validate expected results. Author, configure, and customize test templates based on your testing needs. 


Solve interruptions with continuous integrations

With seamless integration with popular continuous integration tools, QA testers can deploy new code simultaneously to production without challenges.  

Strengthen quality assurance with early detection

Testers can obtain device logs, test results, and performance, network analysis, and visual quality reports to help deliver actionable steps to developers to resolve issues and debug. 


Why use Sofy to Test Salesforce Apps?

Sofy’s mission is to remove testing roadblocks and ensure every QA tester has the tools to successfully run tests, gather actionable insights, and provide spot-on app experiences for their customers. Salesforce conducts a variety of release cycles, bug fixes and patch releases, configuration changes, integration testing, compliance and security updates, performance and scalability testing, and much more. This leaves testers with maintainability issues, bugs being released to production, increased costs for devices and low customer satisfaction.  

With Sofy’s mobile app testing capabilities, we ensure your Salesforce workflows and integrations are working as expected by providing you with automated test execution, troubleshooting insights, pre-created templates for complex end-to-end testing, environment maintenance, and usability for any user on your team all in one platform.  

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