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DevOps & Shift-Left Principles: Why Shift Left?

Little by little, modern development processes are tearing down the vestiges of the establishment. Gone are the days of waterfall, large and unruly design artifacts, and bloated change committees (well, almost).  Processes move faster, deployments occur more quickly, and teams collaborate closer than ever before. It’s looking a lot less like a development process and […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
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The Benefits of CI/CD for Mobile Testing

According to data from 2021, the Google Play store is now home to over 3.14 million mobile apps. Similarly, the Apple App Store hosts more than 2.09 million iOS-exclusive apps.  Together, there is no question that the mobile app business is thriving, but with so many options out there for virtually any need, mobile app […] Read more

  • Written By Sarah
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They Should Have Used a Real Device

Are post go-live mobile performance issues leaving you scratching your head? After all the unit testing, regression testing, and integration testing, it still wasn’t enough. How did that bug slip by you? Chances are you neglected to do enough real device testing. There’s a disconnect when it comes to our approach to mobile app testing. […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
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It’s Definitely Time for Mobile App Testing ROI

Return on investment—that is, ROI—is the magical metric tied to almost every business decision. Whether it’s breaking into a new market or investing in a new product, businesses want to know if it’s worth the effort, whether they’ll end up getting back more than what they put in. Return on investment is usually the first […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
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  • No-Code Revolution
Scriptlessness: Everything You Need to Know

According to Statista, over 255 billion mobile apps were downloaded in 2022, and consumers spent a total of $4.86 billion on mobile apps in Q2 of 2022 alone. Comparatively, there were a total of 230 billion app downloads in 2021. With such monumental numbers, you can see that mobile consumers’ insatiable demand for fun, useful, […] Read more

  • Written By Sarah
A variety of icons representing quality assurance testing.
  • automated testing
A Brief Introduction to Mobile App Automation Testing

You’ve probably heard some version of the phrase you have to know where you’ve been in order to know where you’re going, and one place it certainly rings true for is the topic of mobile test automation. Where did it begin? How did mobile test automation become what it is today? And why should you […] Read more

  • Written By Joan
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Emulator vs. Simulator: Demystifying the Differences

Mobile app testing is an essential step in the development process to ensure that applications are bug-free and working as intended. Two common ways developers run these tests are through the use of emulators and simulators.  While the terms emulate and simulate may seem similar — and are even sometimes used interchangeably by test engineers — the […] Read more

  • Written By Sarah
A variety of icons representing quality assurance testing.
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The Power of Scriptless Regression Testing Automation

Keeping a well-maintained test suite is challenging. It requires careful governance and oversight, frequent code refractoring, and a team of skilled developers. With every release comes the same song and dance: Identifying changes, testing for regression, updating existing test cases, and writing new test cases. With so much going on, it’s not at all uncommon to […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
Six depictions of digital and human brains.
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AI, Machine Learning, & Software Development’s Future

The present article was originally published in December 2022 by The Newstack. Every successful interaction that occurs between you and your favorite app is the result of the combined efforts of a quality assurance (QA) team. These tireless problem-hunters ensure that every aspect of the apps that mobile device users the world over depend on for their everyday […] Read more

  • Written By Syed

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