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Sofy Raises $7.75 Million in Seed Round to Grow No-Code Automation Platform for Mobile Applications

We're very excited for Sofy's next phase and to further empower developer productivity across the world. Read more

  • Written By Syed
  • automation testing
Overcoming Overly Complex Test Automation

Test automation is a must for any organization that develops and supports an application stack. A well-rounded test automation suite saves time, delivers better applications, speeds up deployments, and frees up valuable resources for more important work. However, as the code base grows, devices improve, and technology changes, the risk of technical debt and complexity […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • testing pyramid
The Testing Pyramid: Understanding the Pros and Cons

Sure, dietitians have the food pyramid and Egypt has the great pyramids. But have you heard of the testing pyramid? More importantly, are you using it? It’s more than just a PowerPoint-ready visual. It’s the formula for a successful testing strategy, a layered approach that utilized different testing methodologies. There’s a good reason that developers […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • Codemagic
Announcing Full Codemagic Integration in Sofy

We’re happy to announce that Codemagic, Nevercode’s fully hosted and managed CI/CD platform, is now fully integrated with Sofy! If you already use Codemagic, rejoice, and if not, here’s an overview of the platform what the platform is and what it does:  Have full control over your CI/CD pipeline with workflows that fit the needs […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • No-Code Revolution
10 Common Misconceptions About No-Code Solutions

In just the last few years, no-code solutions have grown exponentially. Originally able to serve a small role in the tech stack, a no-code solution can change the technical landscape of an organization. No-code solutions can be used to build responsive, full-stack web applications, manage complex business workflows, test mobile applications, and design sophisticated database […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • Flaky tests
Fool Me Once: Winning the War on Flaky Tests

Has a friend ever flaked on you? You had an outing all planned out, reservations or arrangements made, and—right before you get in the car to meet them—here comes a long-winded story about car troubles.  They flaked on you. And it’s the worst. A little bit of trust is lost and you’re beginning to question […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • Android
Is Android’s Espresso Growing Cold?

When it comes to mobile app testing, developers choose from hundreds of options, and it’s not unusual for multiple tools and frameworks to be used in the testing process. Consider the mobile testing pyramid: We have unit testing at the bottom as the base of the pyramid, providing the functional tests that verify the API behavior. […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
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  • Selenium
Is Selenium Losing Steam?: Consider the Pros and Cons

One of the challenges of testing applications is that the capability of tools to test will always lag behind the rapidly evolving features of the application itself. This is especially true with web application testing. Despite the vast libraries of open-source solutions, the testing frameworks seem to be a step behind. Is Selenium the rule […] Read more

  • Written By Grant
A symbol representing a dead battery
  • Battery drain
How to Reduce Battery Drain for Your Mobile App

In today's app market, it's never been more important to get your app's battery drain under control. But what can you do about it? Let's take a look. Read more

  • Written By Grant
  • automation testing
Why Should You Adopt Automation for UI Testing?

Still performing testing manually? Thinking about switching to automated testing? Wondering what the big deal is? Let's take a quick look at the benefits. Read more

  • Written By Hyder

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Sofy announces $7.75 million funding in Seed round led by Voyager Capital and others. Read more