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  • App types
Native, Web, and Hybrid Apps: Pros and Cons

Today’s mobile applications colloquially fall into market-aligned distinctions like educational, social, lifestyle, and other similar classifications. But beyond such distinctions, what exactly are mobile applications, and how do they differ in their development and use? Mobile applications are programs made to perform on mobile devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets. Generally, mobile apps are […] Read more

  • Written By Yusra
  • design
What’s Application Design? When Should App Testers Automate?

In a project planning meeting I once attended, I recall that someone said, We need to start automating tests for the user interfaces during the continuous integration stage. This was met with a few seconds of silence.  And then all hell broke loose. The argument quickly grew heated and all due to a difference of […] Read more

  • Written By Nikhil
  • No-Code Revolution
Where Were You in March 2020? Two Unpredictable Years, Three Huge Shifts

Due to a combination of expected advancements, surprise changes, and—let’s be real—outright chaos, the tech world landscape of today little resembles what it looked like just two years ago. And while few would argue against the notion that change is constant in the tech world, the last two years have been something altogether different. Let’s take a moment to consider […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • test complexity
The User Experience Journey & Dealing with the Complexity of Test Cases

Tell me, do you remember the very first time you deposited cash or a check at an ATM at a bank? I’ll bet top dollar that all your senses were on high alert at that moment because you didn’t want to commit a mistake with your cash. But did you also realize that everything went […] Read more

  • Written By Nikhil
  • Quality
Test Early, Test Often, and Shift Left: On the Need for Introducing Quality into DevOps

Far too many dev teams discover all too late that they should have paid more attention to quality earlier in the software development cycle. All these teams have at least one thing in common: An inevitable realization that they should have performed more tests, earlier, and more carefully. They didn’t shift left, they didn’t test […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • iOS 16
Apple’s New iOS 16: What Developers Need to Know

With over 1 billion active iPhones across the world with access to over 4.79 million App Store apps, any announcement regarding a new iOS version is worthy of close attention from developers.  Hot on the heels of Google’s Android 13 Beta 2, WWDC 2022 arrived on Monday with significant news about Apple’s new mobile operating […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
  • Android 13
What’s New in Android 13: Tiramisu Sliced, Diced, and Served up for Engineers

Please note: All material discussed in the present article is subject to change. Additionally, this overview is not comprehensive—we have elected not to include a variety of particularly minor changes here.  Yep, it’s that time again already! Android 13, internally code-named Tiramisu, has to date seen two developer previews followed by two beta releases. It’s […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
Abstract illustrations
  • abstraction
Evolution & Revolution: What’s all this about “Abstraction”?

Every time you watch a video on YouTube, send a text message on your mobile phone, or perform just about any other action involving a computer of some sort, you’re benefiting from a process known in computer science as abstraction. Both the no-code revolution and Sofy are also a result of this process. But what is it? […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins
Fifteen small Illustrations of stylized eyes.
  • automated testing
Beyond the Human Eye: Introducing Visual Testing in Sofy

Our eyes are the windows through which we view the world. These precision instruments provide us with visual perception. The human eye is our primary sensory organ for receiving information from the world around us.  Yet for software engineers running no-code automated mobile app tests, it’s easy to miss something potentially important. Unfortunately, a pair […] Read more

  • Written By Joseph Hopkins

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