New feature: SofySense – Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

Sofy’s No-Code Automation Now Integrates with DataDog’s Robust Performance Metrics in the DataDog Marketplace.

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10x faster QA testing—and without a single line of code!

Supercharge your mobile AGILE teams with no-code QA testing and reduce your release times by 95%. Define your tests once and run them automatically with every code change.

Automatic management of environments, frameworks, devices, and OS

Set up once and convert to automation with the click of a button

Run testing directly from CI/CD

Release faster — get it done in hours, not days

Get your mobile app started with automated testing within minutes.

Grab a real device, set up a test case, and convert to automation—all with the click of a button. Run it with every code change directly from your CI/CD set up or from the Sofy platform.

Remove your dependency on Appium and eliminate the need to purchase local devices. Erase the complexity of understanding and debugging failures. Sofy does it all for you!

Test cases, test suites, test templates

Modular composability ensures you don’t have to spend more than a few minutes — even when your app UI changes or when you have to test a new flow.

Schedule tests daily or weekly to monitor production or dev environments

A one-stop tool for all your quality needs. Monitor your builds without any external dependencies or re-wiring the whole setup manually with code.

Best-in-class no-code automation

Sofy’s intelligence understands your code and manual actions:

Adjusts automatically for device sizes, screen resolution, and other form factors.

Smart regression catches every code change and analyses impact.

Intelligent insights determine root causes with > 98% accuracy.

Run automated tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline

Save time by avoiding shifting between different platforms and tools. At your command, Sofy runs your tests directly from within your DevOps tools and identifies issues in your bug tracking system.