Manual and automated testing made quick and easy – all on real devices

Spend time testing your web or mobile apps and let Sofy take care of setting up your test environment while giving you instant access to hundreds of real devices for testing. 

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Increase your testing productivity by 2x.

Focus on actual testing and save time on setting up environments, scrambling with test data test cases, and switching between different tools and environments. Run adhoc, manual, automated tests and get reports of the results all in one dashboard.

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Scale Automation Testing- without coding and scripts.

Instantly create automated tests without spending countless hours creating or maintaining scripts. Sofy's AI takes a fresh approach to automation and ensures automation doesn't break.

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Report issues automatically with detailed logs and screenshots.

Sofy captures detailed logs, screenshots, videos and other data while you run your tests and it can even report issues directly into your project management tools to make you more productive.

Supercharge your skills with AI and integrations.

Sofy integrates with your favorite tools and workflows so you can run tests in your existing pipeline. Sofy's proprietary AI runs those tests with great accuracy and allows you to focus on outcomes and results.

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  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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