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Ad Hoc Testing for Mobile Apps

Accelerate your mobile app testing

Sofy gives QA testers the confidence to deliver an exceptional user experience whether it’s manual or ad hoc testing. Focus on building delightful customer experiences with Sofy’s mobile app testing capabilities.  

A single dashboard to review all your manual and ad hoc testing activities. 

Seamless integration with your favorite issue tracking tools.

Access to screenshots, test steps, and underlying device logs allows you to quickly troubleshoot app issues.   

Utilize test data to share test inputs with your team.

Seamless transition from manual to automated app testing

At Sofy we provide a simple way to perform manual tests on your apps based on your needs: evaluate user experience, exploratory testing and low-risk functionality. Need to execute the same test frequently? Convert your manual tests into an automation test with the click of a button.


Test your app in an ad hoc manner

Our Ad Hoc Testing feature allows you to manage unstructured app testing. Verify a build and validate your app’s usability and performance features as needed. No perquisites or burdens!

From manual to ad hoc testing – we got you covered

Let Sofy empower you to choose between manual, ad hoc and automated testing methods based on your QA testing needs across any real device type available. Increase your team’s productivity 10x by reducing time spent setting up test environments and tools.