New feature: SofySense – Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

New feature: SofySense – Our manual test case & test results AI generator that helps you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

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Ad Hoc Testing for Mobile Apps

Accelerate mobile app releases with 2x faster manual testing.

Increase your team’s productivity by reducing time spent setting up test environments and tools. Gain full visibility across your release cycle.

A single dashboard to review all your manual testing activities.

Access to screenshots, test steps, and underlying device logs allows you to quickly troubleshoot app issues

Seamless integration with your favorite issue tracking tools.

Utilize test data to share test inputs. Stop navigating emails, post-its, and spreadsheets.

Grab any device and run any test within seconds.

With Sofy’s real device testing, you no longer need to buy test devices for your team. Save big on costs while simplifying processes, allowing you to focus your resources on development. Leave the expenses and complexities of device management to Sofy.

Test cases ensure that you don’t miss a scenario.

In today’s increasingly complex testing landscape, manually tracking hundreds of test cases across Android and iOS versions all but guarantees that you’ll key test scenarios. Sofy keeps all your test scenarios in one place and sends you reminders about every testing step.

Shorten your release cycles using intelligent insights

The Sofy dashboard provides you with team insights, historical release and performance data, and device usage information, enabling you to make informed decisions and shrink your development time.