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UX Testing for Mobile Apps

Save time and let Sofy validate your app’s user interface.

Validating UI on the plethora of display types out there gobbles up valuable time. Sofy’s intelligent UX testing spots issues automatically on all screen sizes.

UX issues are the most common reason for churn.

Device variety and OS versions continue to grow exponentially.

Identifying issues among hundreds of devices can be all but impossible.

This is a frequent and major bottleneck in manual testing.

Maintain design principles throughout your app’s UX — across all devices.

Sofy identifies the layout of your app using design files and tests your form factors, media items, buttons, and other aspects across multiple devices. After, Sofy provides suggestions on how to improve your UI elements. Let Sofy do the heavy lifting and save your team time and resources.

Don’t sweat your branding guidelines. Just let Sofy handle it.

Ensuring your company’s brand guidelines across hundreds of devices can be tedious. Sofy can help spot issues on all devices without any human intervention.

Integrations ensure that you never need to run a QA test yourself.

Sofy ingests design files from your design tools, uploads apps from your DevOps pipeline, and reports issues directly to your issue tracking system using API integrations. Chances are that you won’t need to run a manual test again.