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Cloud Device Testing for Mobile Apps

Improve team productivity by sharing your test devices via the cloud.

Make all your local devices instantly available to your team from anywhere. Maximize your efficiency with Sofy’s powerful no-code automation capabilities.

Increase your mobile app QA team’s productivity.

Save on device and shipping costs. Eliminate the need for team members to swap devices.

Leverage owned devices and add advanced intelligence to your testing cycle.

Improve device coverage by accessing devices on the cloud.

Avoid shipping delays, resource drains, and unnecessary footwork by utilizing real devices through the cloud.

Use advanced insights to shorten your release cycles.

Test apps faster by utilizing Sofy’s detailed reporting tools. Catch and track issues before customers see them. Sofy’s insights help you discover and smash bottlenecks and get ahead of your release schedule.


Easily add your existing devices to the Sofy device lab.