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Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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Mobile App Automated Testing

Resilient test automation at scale and within minutes. Powered by no-code.

Supercharge your QA team with automation. Avoid writing a single line of code. Get up and running on hundreds of devices—within minutes.

Traditional automation testing requires specialists with coding skills.

Using different tools and environments for different platforms slows down development.

Higher maintenance costs for running automation? Not with Sofy.

Scripted automation is notoriously ad-hoc and time-consuming.

Reduce time spent on QA by 95% using Sofy’s no-code automation capabilities.

Sofy’s helps you create your test automation within minutes—and without typing a single line of code. Sofy intelligently improves test automation resiliency. Every member of your team can run tests on hundreds of devices and receive results in minutes.

Hyper-intelligent regression testing

Sofy’s advanced machine learning algorithm analyzes every single code change and identifies tests impacted by those changes. Sofy automatically runs regression tests, significantly decreasing test time while also increasing test coverage.

Integrate automation as part of your CI/CD pipeline

Enable automation directly from your CI/CD pipeline. Sofy integrates with your favorite CI/CD tools and triggers automatic tests whenever you make a code change.

Skip the scripting

Ever-changing business cases require building and maintaining complex scripts—which in turn become redundant every few releases. Sofy takes a fresh approach to the problem and simplifies it: Define test cases, perform a manual test, and let Sofy replicate it across all your devices and releases. No sweat!

Surface issues during your development cycle.

Fixing an issue is a lot harder once you’ve shipped. Shift left, keep it AGILE, run automated tests for specific features as they develop. Save time!

Report issues automatically.

Sofy not only runs your tests automatically — it also creates and reports found issues in detailed logs. Upon detecting an issue, Sofy provides screenshots and steps to replicate it in your project management tool. Set up and integrate once and then kick back and put Sofy on autopilot.