New feature: SofySense – Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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For Product Managers

Shorten development cycles. Shift left, improve QA, and release faster.

Find, report, and fix your product issues before they surface. Run all your QA tests from a single dashboard. Optimize your apps and teams.

Instantly test your app during development.

Enjoy the freedom to test your apps anytime and on any device during development. Verify features and functionality without relying exclusively on specialized engineering teams.

Validate UI standards and UX design guidelines.

Identify UI / UX issues by validating against your design and industry standards like Google Material Design while  batch testing on hundreds of devices at the same time — powered by Sofy’s patented ML algorithms.

Remove blockers and speed up your sprints.

Sofy’s smart regression capabilities pinpoint tests impacted by code changes and executes them to check for issues, saving your team time and trouble.

Make informed decisions with instant release insights.

A single insights dashboard to stay up-to-date on your project. Track release trends like test coverage. Increase team productivity across both mobile and web. Showcase release reports that demonstrate your efforts and provide metrics to stakeholders or customers.

Integrate automation into your CI/CD pipeline.

Easily integrate advanced automation right into your CI/CD pipeline. Sofy effortlessly integrates with top CI/CD tools and triggers automatic tests upon code changes.

Over 2,500 apps have been improved by Sofy.

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