New feature: SofySense – Manual test case & test results AI generator to help you speed up your testing process. Try it today.  

Sofy launches product feature suite to deliver effortless test maintenance and ensure continuous precision – learn more.

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Test more apps with same resources

Reduce your QA costs by accessing real mobile devices. Execute QA automation with no-code power. Test more with fewer resources.

Design it once, run it forever.

Focus on your development pipeline and testing results. Leave everything else to Sofy. Run ad-hoc, manual, or automated tests on your mobile app or website. Convert manual tests to automated tests and then set it to autopilot.

From app performance to team performance, one dashboard does it all.

Keep a close eye on your release milestones. Leverage detailed testing results to streamline your development cycle and manage team performance and results. Sofy empowers you to do it all with ease.

Access real devices in the cloud. Save big on devices and maintenance.

Buying devices, maintaining them, tracking their usage, and recording their test results manually is expensive, adds processes, and slows down development. Access real devices in the cloud and run any test—just as if it were in the palm of your hand.

Integrations with all your favorite tools—and those of your customers.

Whether it’s uploading builds directly from popular CI/CD tools or logging bugs in your issue-tracking platform, Sofy seamlessly integrates with your CI/CD pipeline.

SSO and enterprise-grade security.

Sofy protects your data with SSO and two-factor authentication, and provides roles and permissions for your team.