Real Device Testing from Anywhere

Manual and Automated testing on real-devices. Seamlessly access real devices in the cloud with full support for gestures, orientation and more. Test on the iOS and Android devices your customers use, all in a highly responsive environment.​

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Instant Access to Real Devices with Full Control​

Acquire from 100s of available devices and run any version of your app in seconds. Perform Ad-hoc testing of your app on a real device instantly and have full control over the device using action bar. View the device logs for debugging your issues, download them for analysis.

testing on a real device with full control​
manual test run on android device with app crash

Identify Bugs Faster

When performing testing – manual or automated, SOFY captures screenshots, performance metrics, and crash dumps. When crashes happen during testing, inspect stack trace, see previous user actions with screenshots so you can quickly perform root cause analysis. The best part, you don’t need to learn multiple tools.

Identify Issues with Contextual Data

During the automated or manual test, SOFY tracks performance, crashes, UX issues and automatically creates those with steps and system details in your tool of choice like JIRA.

product issue with contextual data for android app

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