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Sofy’s No-Code Automation Now Integrates with DataDog’s Robust Performance Metrics in the DataDog Marketplace.

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Revolutionary No-Code Testing for Mobile Apps

Run QA tests from CI/CD on real devices without a single line of code. Save time. Improve release quality.

Sofy is fast and easy

Choose a real device from the Sofy Device Lab and run your first manual test.

Convert your test into a no-code automated test with the press of a button.

Voilà! Your automation is ready. Run it on hundreds of other real devices.

One tool for all your QA needs.

Transform complex workflows and dozens of tools into a single no-code platform. Simplify test planning, automation, environments, execution, reporting, and debugging. Get up and running in minutes. Complete testing in hours, not days.

Sofy enabled the Innago dev team to run QA testing from CI/CD without a single line of code.
Coinme is a fast-growing Series A fintech company helping customers buy and sell bitcoin with cash at more than 17,000 physical locations.
MeetKai is an AI-based voice assistant app, built to make life easier through conversation, personalization & curation.
MS Office App is a one stop mobile app for the complete work suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office products.
"Sofy's no-code automation capabilities enable anyone on our team to run tests and track the status of our releases, all by way of a single dashboard."
– Utkarsh Saxena, PMO Manager Innago
"With Sofy, we have been able to automate most of our test scenarios in just one month and we can now test our builds on hundreds of devices and releases on-demand. Sofy allows our company to be AGILE!"
– Hazim Macky, VP of Engineering CoinMe
"Sofy's platform reduced our time spent on QA by 90%. Sofy is a game changer."
– Sachin J., Engineering Manager Microsoft Office Team


Skip the scripts. Wield the power of no-code automation.

Set it up once, run it forever. Validate every code change directly from your CI/CD platform. Utilize Sofy Templates and Test Suites to ensure composability. No more updating frameworks or haggling with Appium, Espresso, or endless scripts.

Cut QA time by 90%

Move 10x faster by testing without a single line of code. Use intelligent insights that pinpoint exact issues in your code to bird’s-eye view reports on team performance and productivity. Run regression testing with every code change, reduce costs, increase test coverage, and transition your QA to DevOps.

Test on real devices

Throw out the complications of environment maintenance and the uncertain guesswork of emulators and simulators. Embrace the benefits of easy access to real iOS and Android devices.

Deliver frictionless mobile app experiences. Faster.

Pixel perfect UIs

Ensure your app looks picture-perfect on all screen sizes. Account for form factors, OS versions, and accessibility with Sofy UX Testing.

Blazingly fast on every device

Evaluate speed, responsiveness, and stability with Sofy Performance Testing. Address key issues with every code change across iOS and Android using a single tool.

Reliable and secure

Detect vulnerabilities and protect data with Sofy Penetration Testing, Security Testing, and API Testing.

Run automated tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline.

Have time by not shifting. Sofy can run your tests with a command directly from within your DevOps tools and create issues in your bug tracking system.

Regression testing represents a foundational component of software development, safeguarding against unintended functionality disruptions caused by code modifications. This article delves into the significance
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