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Announcing Full Codemagic Integration in Sofy

Ready for a little sorcery in Sofy? Your favorite automated no-code mobile testing platform now provides full Codemagic integration!

We’re happy to announce that Codemagic, Nevercode’s fully hosted and managed CI/CD platform, is now fully integrated with Sofy! If you already use Codemagic, rejoice, and if not, here’s an overview of the platform what the platform is and what it does: 

Have full control over your CI/CD pipeline with workflows that fit the needs of your development team – whether you’re building a native/cross-platform app or working on white-label apps with separate workflows. Integrate with third-party services to automate your pipeline. 

Codemagic offers its users a variety of benefits, including: 

  • Codemagic CI/CD provides fast feedback: Codemagic provides swift feedback to teams, allowing them to focus on developing their product rather than juggling the entirety of the build. 
  • Simple mobile app testing through Codemagic CI/CD: Just run your test commands in the scripts section of the codemagic.yaml file. 
  • Codemagic CI/CD assists you with the latest tools for building mobile apps: To support both Android and iOS apps, Codemagic builds run on macOS machines that have multiple Xcode versions with Android SDK and other tools preinstalled. 

Having a good CI/CD setup is crucial in a modern development environment—this is particularly the case in mobile app development, where it’s crucial that testing and bugging occurs without a hitch. Of course, so is a great no-code automated testing solution to use right beside it. 

And integrating Codemagic with Sofy is straightforward: Just follow these easy steps. Sofy does all the rest for you, so summon forth your CI/CD wizardry and prepare for maximum productivity!