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No-Code ROI: Saving Money with Mobile App Testing

Tech companies across the world are making cuts and looking for ROI. In the mobile app testing world, no-code ROI is very real.

There’s never been a better time with no-code ROI. It seems like layoffs, cuts, and project cancelations are everywhere in the tech sector right now. It’s no secret that many companies are currently looking for ways to save money and to start seeing returns on their investments.

Yes, these are tough time for tech companies in particular. But fortunately, in the world of mobile app testing, there’s something of a silver lining: Recently, no-code mobile app testing has only recently become a possibility, and with it mobile app has gotten a lot faster and a whole lot more efficient.

Now is an excellent time to look for solutions that can benefit your mobile app testing approach across the boar. In fact, if you’re still in an environment of manual-code testing, you may be shocked at the savings you’re passing up: It’s called the No-Code Revolution for a reason.

Even better, you maximize efficiency and shift left without needing to turn to emulators—advances in cloud technology allow you to test directly on real devices, and fully automated testing has simply never been easier.

So, looking for major ROI in your mobile app testing? Let’s take a closer look at the reality of no-code ROI.

Tightening budgets

When flowing budgets slow down to a trickle, it’s more important than ever to make  choices that ensure that your resources are being used effectively.

With the volatility of business itself, and the current tech hiring environment, it’s reasonable to suspect that budgets will only become tighter into the foreseeable future. And it doesn’t help when continued staffing challenges compound the need to run a lean, yet productive team.

And challenges aside, your user base—who may use a device in any number of unexpected and complex ways—expects you to release an app that works without all the time and without any issues. You must ensure every release meets the modern baseline expectation of high-quality, ease-of-use, and value. Your app must withstand the scrutiny of its intended audience.

Your customers give you one chance to make a good impression for your initial launch. Subsequent releases are expected to seamlessly update. 

And you can’t blame your customers for their expectations. With the technology available today, no app should go into the world with flaws.

A successful business can’t, and won’t, release a product that leaves customers unenthused. That’s an instant death knell. There are so many good apps a mere click away. You can’t afford to make mistakes, mistakes that can become very expensive without significant foresight and planning.

How can you make sure this doesn’t happen?

The solution?

That’s no mystery: Test early and test often—and do so as easily and efficiently as possible.

No-code mobile app testing: A great leap forward

No-code mobile app testing is a major leap forward—and not only for ensuring that you’re nailing the highest possible quality release, but also for your budget and staffing.

QA testing eats up a large part of the budget for many IT departments. It also takes a large amount of resources to test mobile applications—a double hit.

Mobile testing has become somewhat of a beast: More complex, and viewed and interacted with on more mobile devices than ever before, never has testing mobile apps been more complex. In turn, manual-code testing can quickly become a tremendous time and money sink.

Mobile testing has evolved into a continuous cycle of updating and pushing out product builds. Manual-coding requires specialists and these specialists could be working on higher priority projects rather than running tests.

If no-code testing isn’t used to shift the burden into a more manageable situation, that is. With no-code, anyone can run mobile app tests, freeing up specialists to work on higher priority projects.

Skip the guesswork and test on real devices

With that in mind, let’s turn to another issue: The matter of testing on real devices. Obviously, to get real and trustworthy results, QA teams ideally test on real devices. At the end of the day, emulators are approximations and imitations, and their results are the same.

But there’s a problem: Setting up and maintaining a device lab can be very expensive. A device lab must account for many device types.

Consider, for example, that as of 2022, there are over 16.8 mobile devices in use across the world, a number that includes a tremendous amount of differences in not only mobile device make and model, but also how these devices may be configured (Statista 2022). The more devices you need to test on, the more time and more money is expended.

And ensuring that your app behaves as you expect certainly isn’t a place where you want to cut corners. 

By testing on a very limited device sample, invariably, you can expect that your app is likely to run into issues in your testing blind spots—and you’ll certainly hear about it from your useable.

Nothing good can come from that scenario. Why put yourself through it? Fortunately, with a platform that provides both no-code solutions and cloud-based access to a well-stocked and professionally-maintained device lab, you don’t have to.

And that’s exactly what Sofy provides. No-code ROI also means benefit from real devices.

The modern software development cycle.
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Embracing automated testing

If you’re looking to tighten your budget, there’s also another way. If you’re still running primarily manually-coded or ad hoc tests, now is a great time to look into the benefits of automated testing. Given the inevitability of abstraction, it’s clear that the future of mobile testing is scriptless, and all that time spent building scripts is ultimately better spent on more labor-intensive aspects of the DevOps cycle (or, say, looking for ways to innovate get an edge on a competitor).

Here are a few examples of how automated testing can benefit your mobile app testing cycle:

  • Very efficient testing time
  • Removal of the human error factor
  • Testing can be run across dozens of real devices in parallel—and from anywhere
  • Complex features can be analyzed for performance issues
  • Less manpower and resources necessary
  • Swifter time to market
  • Wider range of test coverage

Automated testing is also ideal for a large range of tasks, many of them repeated with every release, as well as performance tests. Sofy excels at automated testing.

Modern testing, modern results

If you’ve got mobile app, then you need it tested. And not only tested, but tested as often, early, and thoroughly as possible. If your current testing method is not no-code, not utilizing real devices, and not primarily automated, chances are you’re wasting quite a lot of time and money. If—like so many others—you need to tighten the budget belt and get an edge on the competition, there’s never been a better time to do so. Sofy can provide huge no-code ROI.

Back in 2016, Sofy CEO Syed Hamid founded Sofy in Bellevue, Washington state. Formerly an engineer working in variety of leadership positions at Microsoft, Syed knew that there mobile app testing had to be easier, and he sat about building a team with which he could find a solution. Eventually, it became crystal clear that no-code mobile app testing was not only the future but in fact now possible. But it no-code was just one part of the solution: To ensure verifiable and trustworthy results, teams needed to test on real devices. Adding to this, automated testing was a no-brainer for most software testing scenarios.

This was the right decision. While it seems like once untouchable tech titans are staggering left and right, Sofy is actually growing. And there’s a very good reason for this: Sofy is the innovative solution for modern mobile app testing problems and no-code ROI can mean a lot more money in your pocket. We invite you to give Sofy a try today and see how you can benefit from the power of no-code testing on real devices.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed above are those of the contributor and do not necessarily represent or reflect the official beliefs or positions of Sofy.