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Sofy Announces New Cloud Device Lab Expansion

Sofy expands cloud device offerings to meet growing customer needs. Read on to learn how this impacts new and current Sofy customers

Sofy is excited to launch a new cloud device lab in Dallas, Texas, in response to clients doubling their device usage time within the last six months. This device usage time was driven by an addition of new clients to our customer base since receiving seed funding in 2022 With this addition of new iOS and Android devices, Sofy will now ensure near absolute availability of device coverage to ensure redundancy so that code velocity is not hampered as the customer base continues to accelerate.  


Syed Hamid, Sofy founder and CEO, statedWe’re launching our new facility as a direct result of customer demand. Over the past six months, our existing customers have doubled their average device usage time, and our monthly active users have grown 20x. We needed another facility to host more physical iOS and Android devices, ensuring that developers can access any device they need with 99.99% availability.” 


About Sofy’s Device lab 

Sofy’s cloud device lab offering holds a distinct edge over both emulators the hassle and expense of maintaining in-house device labs in mobile testing. Real devices provide a genuine testing environment, ensuring accurate assessment of app performance, usability, and compatibility across a fragmented device landscape. By offering a robust array of devices via the cloud, Sofy customers can identify and address issues that may only surface in real-world usage scenarios immediately, ultimately leading to reliable and polished apps 


Read more about Sofy’s device lab here or get a demo here to try it for yourself.

Sofy Cloud Device Lab expansion