4 min read

Understanding Test Case Management

Is your mobile app testing as thorough as it needs to be? Are your test cases effective? If you answered no to either of the above, then you’re not delivering a quality app to users. If you’re developing software, thorough testing is essential. Inferior or flawed apps won’t find success in an increasingly crowded and cut-throat […]

4 min read

Verification vs. Validation: What’s the Difference?

There’s certainly no shortage of jargon in the tech world—and no shortage of confusion about many of these technical terms. In fact, I bet if you asked someone to define a term they loosely throw around, they probably won’t be able to. We’re all guilty of mixing around or misusing common terms. Authentication and authorization […]

4 min read

A Step-by-Step Guide to UI Automation Testing

Learn the best practices to move towards UI Automation Testing for your mobile apps or websites.

4 min read

5 Reasons Users Are Abandoning Your App

Building mobile apps is hard, building mobile apps which customers love is harder, and building mobile apps which customers don’t abandon is the hardest.

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