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What’s New in Sofy: February & March 2024 Releases 

Dive into the newest features and enhancements from Sofy this February and March that promise to elevate your testing experience.

Explore the latest strides in technology with Sofy’s newest releases and improvements for February and March, designed to enhance user satisfaction and streamline your app testing experience. 

New Features 

You can now add a Post Test Hook template to your test case that will execute at the end of a test case regardless of whether that test passed or failed. This can help restore your testing environment and ensure reliability in your automated tests. 


  • Swipe Until: We’ve removed limitations on component types where the Swipe Until feature could be used.  
  • Usage Details: You can now see which users are in an active session, and the number of total active sessions in your account. 
  • Edit Templates: You can now edit a template directly from the test case it was inserted in.  
  • Scheduled Runs Info: We added additional info to your scheduled run results, including the last run time, test run duration, schedule trigger, and the next scheduled run date/time.  
  • Visual Match: The Visual Match algorithm was updated to improve UI element validation.  

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