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Revolutionizing Mobile App Testing with AI

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves across many industries lately – and with good reason. With the potential to increase efficiency and accuracy in countless organizations, it’s hard to ignore. 

But how can AI be applied to mobile app testing? 

This guide explores the history of AI, mobile app testing, and several real-world applications of generative AI in the QA cycle that save organizations time and budget. 

App testing with AI

Want to start adding AI into your app testing strategy? Read our guide to learn more about how generative AI can be applied at several junctures. 

In this guide we’ll cover:  

1. A brief history of AI and it’s application to app testing.

2. How AI can be used reporting tools.

3. How generative AI can be applied to test creation.

4. The benefits of AI in the DevOps cycle.

And more.