5 Part Webinar Series: Software Testing Powered by Machine Learning

Experts from the top enterprise organizations discuss their best practices on how machine learning has brought about a new era in software testing.

Webinar 1: Machine Learning Use Cases in Software Testing

According to Gartner, Robotic Process Automation will be worth $10B by 2027 and it is the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market. RPA will enable organizations to lower costs by 30% through hyper-automation. 

  • What if RPA and hyper-automation can be applied to Software Testing? 
  • Can you imagine a world in which robots can augment human testers and automate without requiring you to write a single line of automation code? 

We call this Robotic Test Automation. At SOFY, we have taken RTA to the next level by applying AI to solve some tough, time-consuming problems in software testing. In episode 6 of the SOFY webinar series, we will discuss what is possible and show how we have applied this technology to solve our customer problems.

Date: July 8th, 7 AM PST 

Duration: 45 min (Includes interactive Q&A)


Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO at SOFY. 

Hyder Ali, VP of Products and Business Development at SOFY.

Upcoming Webinar 2: Can AI change the way we generate Test Cases?

Testing consumes a considerable amount of time in software development. Testing accounts for up to 40% of engineering cost, as estimated by the World Quality Report. Some of the test cases will uncover faults, but one expects that most will not. A leading indicator of the quality is the robustness of test cases and test coverage, but the process of test case generation and automation is tedious. 

What if we can teach machines to learn from humans and auto-generate test cases using model-based testing (MBT)? This would further enhance test coverage by using runtime app data, harvest logging data from the client to suggest test scenarios based on actual customer use cases. 

Learn more in this webinar. 


Can AI change the way we generate Test Cases

Date: July 22nd, 9 AM PST


Syed Hamid, Founder & CEO at SOFY. 

Hyder Ali, VP of Products and Business Development at SOFY.

Webinar 3: Is NO CODE Test Automation for real?

The process of test automation is like being on a hamster wheel – one must write and rewrite automation code for any number of reasons – changes to the UI, device form factor, dynamic content, and so on. People abandon automation because they don’t see an ROI in the investment. The holy grail of test automation is not to write code at all, also called no code or low code (LCNC) automation. 

This is also the concept behind RPA (Robotic process automation) where machines mimic human actions. With advancements in classification algorithms, no code automation and self-healing can reduce false positives thus eliminating human heavy effort needed for test automation.



In this talk, we will talk about considerations for no-code automation, ways you can achieve them to ensure speed and quality.


Is NO CODE Test Automation for real

Date: August 5th, 9 AM PST

Speakers: TBC

Webinar 4: Using ML to accelerate Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure and how to prevent it from recurring. Failure analysis is like solving a crime requiring QA engineers to have the instincts of a detective.Failure analysis is an exhaustive process requiring examining all possibilities while quickly ruling out some, to zero-in on the root cause. 


In this talk, we will discuss how we can use ML to accelerate failure analysis.     








Using ML to accelerate Failure Analysis

Webinar 5: Why is test data critical to successful testing?

Software testing cannot be conducted without test data. Depending on the domain, and type of test, test data can be simple, or extremely complex. Without a good test dataset, it is difficult to test the app in a repeatable way and achieve the desired test coverage.QA teams need to have a clear strategy for test data including how to generate a synthetic dataset. 


In this talk, we will discuss different approaches to test data management, how to effectively use test data with automation and tools that can help simplify this process.









Why is test data critical to successful testing

Date: September 16th, 9 AM PST

Speakers: TBC 

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