Sofy Webinar: 3 Ways to Revolutionize Application Testing with Sofy

The rapid pace of innovation, accelerated software release cycles, and increased customer expectations of quality have put a lot of pressure on development and testing teams. The old ways of doing QA testing are simply too time consuming and too expensive for the modern development cycle. If you want to modernize your QA testing but don’t know where to start our introductory webinar is the perfect place to learn the basics.

Our CEO Syed Hamid covers three ways Sofy can help ship quality software faster:

  • Our enhanced testing engine can analyze your application or website and show security vulnerabilities in your application within minutes.
  • Our visual quality report highlights issues, including accessibility issues, conformance to industry guidelines, and best practices.
  • Our built-in Sofy simulator records and plays back mobile testing scenarios quickly and simply, so you can validate specific scenarios and app logic and perform regression tests.

Ready to get started with Sofy?

  • Access real devices from anywhere
  • Run manual & ad-hoc tests
  • No-code automation & robotic testing
  • Validate UI against industry standards
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