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The Mobile App Development Cycle Using No Code

In today’s glutted app market, the need for flawless quality assurance has become paramount to business success. However this is no easy task to balance alongside device fragmentation, comprehensive testing needs, and time constraints. So how can no-code solve for these? 

Join Farah Ali (VP, Technology Growth Strategy, Electronic Arts) and Syed Hamid (Founder and CEO of Sofy, ex-Microsoftee) for a nuanced interview about today’s challenges in the mobile app testing industry. Topics include the app testing lifecycle and now no-code tools can benefit the testing process in the face of multiple bottlenecks. 

In this discussion we go over:

  • How user demands are making quality assurance more important than ever

  • The challenges of device fragmentation, time constraints, and staffing constraints

  • The consequences  – and solutions – of releasing low-quality mobile apps